Windows 8 – Business, Personal or both?

January 17, 2013

windows 8 devices

Employees want a smartphone to fit personal and business needs:

There is a shift occurring in the workplace as the boundaries between professional and personal lives continue to blur. With so many smartphone choices in the market today, employees are more often preferring to use their own device at work which puts pressure on IT to support the employee’s need to stay productive no matter where they are. The challenge is to bridge the divide between what users want, while minimizing risks to the enterprise and its data.

Enterprise customers re-evaluating BlackBerry solutions:

BlackBerry devices have long been considered the leading smartphone for business users who relied on them for email, security and messenger capabilities. With consumer input beginning to influence IT choices more than ever, enterprise customers are beginning to re-evaluate BlackBerrys for alternative solutions that strike the right balance between what their employees want and what their business needs.

Windows Phone— the right choice for business:

Windows Phone brings together a captivating personal phone experience for employees, while allowing IT to manage their requirements. With Windows Phone, IT gets reliability, security and the ease of deploying and managing devices within an existing infrastructure. And with Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile already built right in, users get the tools they are familiar with so they can start communicating and collaborating with teams, customers, and partners right away.

Not only that, but Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 share the same core components so you can develop business apps that run not only on smart phones, but also on tablets, laptops and PCs so employees will have a consistent experience, regardless of the device they are using.

Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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