When your broadband fails, what do you do? We offer peace of mind.

January 31, 2012

It is a reality that your connectivity can fail. We acknowledge it and all businesses should. Time to think of a Plan B.

Businesses rely on an Internet connection to run their business – Fact. Losing connection even if only for a brief period of time, can have a real impact on your business. Hoping for the best is not perhaps the answer. Abica now offer a back up solution that can act as a “Failover” for businesses so that loss of connection will not happen.

Hopefully, your broadband service is reliable most of the time. Even if you’ve never had a problem, having a back up router allows you peace of mind that your business will not be affected if the connection fails intermittently.

Our routers not only provide a vast array of security and connectivity features, but  they also have secondary connections for an alternative (backup) Internet connection.  In the event of your ADSL failing, our router will automatically switch over to one of the following:

  • A second ADSL line, using a separate ADSL modem and different ISP
  • 3G Cellular Data using a USB 3G modem (e.g. T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone etc.)
  • Analogue dial-up using a USB modem (Feature ETA June 2009)
    Analogue dial-up is much slower than ADSL, but usable if your Internet connection is essential.
  • A cable-modem service (e.g. VirginMedia)
  • ISDN dialup (single or dual channel) (‘S’ models only)
  • Any other Internet connection via an Ethernet cable

Once your primary (main) broadband service is restored, the router again automatically switches back to that. As well as failover mode, when both connections are available, the router can use both at the same time to provide more total Internet bandwidth to your network.

To find out more about these routers please give one of our team a call, or request a quote.

Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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