What is the Best 4G Phone?

July 17, 2015

Whether being used for work or for personal use, the modern smartphone has come a long way with the advancement of 4G connectivity. Since its UK launch back in 2013, our world of mobile commerce and remote connectivity has been ever evolving with the new selection of devices now available.

To appreciate what 4G can offer, let’s take a look at why it’s continuing to take over the market as well as a guide of some of the best 4G phones currently available.

What is the Best 4G Phone?

The 4G benefits

The ‘4th Generation’ is all about speed. With the increase in information that can be uploaded and downloaded, our smartphones can now perform much faster than before. In some instances 4G performs up to ‘ten times’ quicker than the previous (and still existing) 3G technology, making mobile use far quicker and easier than ever before for connected users on the move.

Benefits include:

  • Hassle free video calls – The improved 4G connectivity ensures those slightly more advanced tasks such as video conferences and video chats go without a hitch, so there’s no need to worry about any lag time or calls dropping off mid-meeting.
  • Personal Wi-Fi hotspot creation – Rather than relying on the often slow public Wi-Fi spots when on the move 4G allows you to create your own far more secure and faster network.
  • Security and privacy ramped up – As online security becomes more of a concern, users can take comfort in the fact that 4G networks offer a further increase in security and privacy from its 3G counterpart.

Additionally, the availability of 4G is growing on a month by month basis. This is particularly critical for those involved in any form of remote/mobile working, allowing employees to be able to use their time effectively when they are out of the office.

Still, the 4th Generation service is only as effective as the type of phone that is used. Not all phones contain 4G systems and some of the older 3G models may not be able to access the service. In order to take full advantage of the fastest connection available having the right phone is essential.

So what are some of the best 4G phones available?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is one of the phones that make the top of many 4G lists. A plastic shell has made the unit slightly lighter than its predecessors however it is built to withstand the elements and is dust, water and shock resistant (which means less cracked screens). For business users in particular, multitasking is one of the phones biggest plus points, allowing work to be carried out like it would be on a desktop. It also claims to be one of the few smartphones which can go for a full day on a single charge due to its new larger battery and ‘ultra’ power saving mode. This has made the S5 Active popular for those on the move.

The LG G4 is rated by some as the top smartphone of 2015. Not only is it equipped with 4G connectivity, but its 5.5 inch screen gives you enough space to comfortably work on multiple apps and documents at the same time. Viewing these isn’t a problem either as the phone uses ‘Quantum IPS technology’ which the company says provides ‘sharper colours and images’ than other phones. The phone comes with an internal storage of 32GB as standard, along with a replaceable battery (much more convenient than a battery pack). It has a unique look with a detailed leather back, which makes the phone easier to hold than the others. Also the phone is slightly smaller than its competitors; perfect for transportation needs.

The iPhone 6 Plus ‘phablet’ has featured prominently in many reviews as one of the best 4G phones. It contains all of the features of the previous models with an enhanced application selection. Similarly, its larger screen size makes viewing documents more convenient than in the past. Its high-resolution camera rounds out the overall package so if video conference by phone is a requirement this iPhone model will be more than capable.

With the importance of having high-speed Internet while on the move is ever increasing, we can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of 4G smartphones.

Are there any 4G phones that you think should have been included in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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