4G EE & 3G Business Broadband & UK Mobile Networks

Nothing is more frustrating than a dropped connection. If your employees are always on the move attending client meetings, going to industry events or meeting with suppliers, then it’s often difficult to find a spot where they will experience a fast, stable and reliable 3G or 4G internet connection for any length of time.

Abica offer both 3G and superfast 4G EE business connections.

Why Abica 4G EE?

We work in partnership with EE – the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable 4G network – to deliver an end-to-end 4G business service for all our business customers.

4G is the latest mobile Internet technology that gives you faster and more consistent mobile data speeds. It is quicker and easier than ever before to use the Internet while you are on the move. 4G will eventually replace existing 3G mobile networks, but it’s currently only available in certain geographical areas including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London.

Why Abica 3G?

Even with 3G, you can enjoy consistent coverage and secure networks.

Until 4G is fully available throughout the whole of the UK, we offer high capacity enterprise grade 3G on all our mobile contracts which offers download speeds of up to 21Mbps. Our partner network and new technologies such as DC-HSPA lets us compete with 4G speeds, achieving download speeds of up to 50Mbps on some of our 3G connections, even in remote or high contention areas.

The Abica partner network infrastructure is one of the most secure and reliable data connections, for M2M and commercial wireless data requirements. It is delivered with a private APN (Access Point Name), which means that the connection is more secure and has less contention, allowing for faster speeds. In addition to this, the service is delivered over a multi-layered infrastructure meaning there is no single point of failure, adding extra resilience and ensuring an excellent quality of service.

Abica can also provide fixed private IP addressing for you to communicate with your devices, allowing you to configure a secure and resilient network to support your business needs.

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Laurence Hamer

Weatherbys Ltd

“In the market of mobile telecoms the technical product is available from a multitude of resellers but with Abica the product is wrapped in a personalised service model. This model enables Abica to work as if part of our team, they are proactive and assist us in delivering value to our business, our users and ultimately our customers.”

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