iPhone5 – does my sim card look big in this?

July 24, 2012

iPhone 5

Apple’s next iPhone, already being dubbed the iPhone 5, is expected to launch in mid-September, with a new “nano-sim” system, and in the US it will be compatible with 4G networks for mobile internet accApple will be the first major manufacturer to use the nano-sim card. The nano-sim design is 40% smaller even than the micro-sim used in smartphones such as the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia – yes because micro sim’s where just too big!

Abica anticipate a mid-September launch for the iPhone 5, and expect demand to be extremely high as present owners of iPhone 3G and 3GS look to upgrade, and those who have not yet bought a smartphone might see the next iPad their entry point to the market.

The Taiwanese electronics news site Digitimes has quoted industry sources saying that Pegatron, a contract manufacturer, has begun making the new iPhone at its factory in Shanghai. It also says that Pegatron is making new versions of the iPad for a third-quarter shipment date.

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