iPhone Vs Android – Battle begins

May 29, 2011

Recent news that the Android has raced past the iPhone in the smartphone market share has triggered a battle among fans in both camps about whether the numbers were accurate and which platform would reign supreme. With the Android continually developing better hardware, operating systems, new features and innovations the supremacy of the iPhone has to be questioned.

The Apple brand has been strategically planned over the years enticing the consumer to upgrade everytime a new product is released into the market. I came accross this comical illustration of the life of an Apple User: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apple

Consumer surveys would suggest that the Android offers much more flexibility to the user. We have detailed below a breakdown of the features of each.

The ultimate winner will of course depend on each user’s preferences but here is a breakdown of the winners of each category and why we chose the way we did. Android seems to come out on top so it depends on what you like best from a phone and whether persuades you when you are making your Smart Phone choice.

CostCheaper for organisations seeking low cost platformsHandsets are priced from approximately £428Android
ChoiceLots of choice, can customise user interfaces, add customer features and offers support for new types of rich media.Only 1 model released per year allows for a controlled experience. Apple controls the entire experience from the Phone to the PC so users also get consistencyDraw
SecurityOften don’t approve applications before distributionA strict app submission process means that Apple can easily limit the iPhone’s exposure to the various security threatsiPhone
BatteryMany devices have a removable battery that enables on the go users to keep a fully charged battery on stand by and switch if one runs outBattery is not removable, but there are many gadgets available that can improve battery life.  In addition, if something was to happen to the battery of the phone, the whole hand set would need put in for repairAndroid
Apps70,000 and growing230,000 and growingiPhone
MemoryLimited memory, but external SD cards can be purchased used to store photos, media etc.Good internal memory with a choice of memory sizes.Android
CustomisationCan customise pretty much anything with limited hassleiPhone’s customisation is limited by the applications, wallpapers and music on the Apple website (unless you jailbreak it!)Android

Written by abica

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