iPhone 4S – A Review.

October 31, 2011

Having launched the new iPhone 4S, we decided to take a look at some of the reasons for upgrading. What makes it better than the iPhone  4? It may not live up to the expectations of the rumoured iPhone 5, however, it has evolved into a surprinsgly sophisticated mobile that many will be looking to have!

You can’t be Siri-ous!

How does having your own personal assistant waiting for your every beck-and-call sound? How about a helping hand that can look up the weather, read you text messages, find you nearby restaurants, tell you the time in Paris, set your alarm clock, give you directions, check your calendar for conflicting meetings, dictate and transcribe your notes and text messages, and so on — and all you have to do is ask?

You can speak as you normally would and tell Siri to do something like set a reminder, schedule a meeting or send a text message. You can also ask Siri for traffic conditions or weather conditions — “Do I need an umbrella?” for instance — and query your handy helper for any other right-here-right-now needs.

Siri understands what you say, the context and meaning around who and what you mention in your requests, and is capable of responding accordingly.

But Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4S, meaning you won’t get it with a simple iOS 5 upgrade.

A Camera That Competes With Point-and-Shoots

Apple has always spoken of the camera on the iPhone as a bona fide digital camera replacement. Device owners seem to agree — the iPhone is the top camera on Flickr.

But, for the first time, the iPhone camera hype matches up with reality. The iPhone 4S has a new camera with  a 8 megapixel sensor, a new fifth lens, an enlarged aperture, face detection and reduced motion blur. The camera also now allows for basic photo editing, so users can crop and rotate photos, auto-enhance photos and remove red-eye.

Double the Power, Double the Speed

The iPhone 4S features Apple’s custom A5 chip — the same dual-core chip in the iPad 2.

This means the iPhone 4S’s two processors will now split the duties of your iPhone’s work load. Everything will be noticeably faster: Web pages will load twice as fast, applications will launch and run faster.

.The iPhone 4S battery can handle up to eight hours of talk time (or 14 hours of 2G talk time) and six hours of 3G browsing (or nine hours of WiFi browsing), Apple says.

An Anywhere You Go, World Phone

The device supports both GSM and CDMA.

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