Introducing Google Play – the new Marketplace for all things Android.

March 7, 2012

This week, Google Play Store was introduced to the digital market.

Competing with iTunes, the online store offers a wide variety of digital goodies.

“Today we’re launching Google Play, an integrated destination for apps, books, movies, and music, accessible to users on Android devices and to anyone on the Web. As part of this launch, Google Play replaces and extends Android Market – users everywhere can now find their favourite apps and games in Google Play, with other digital content, all in one place,” Google reported in its Android Developers Blog.

Google Play has been built on the same infrastructure as Android Market, this means that existing users can sign into their accounts as before using same payment methods.

Similar to iTunes, Google hopes to roll out Google Play to all devices allowing people to store and play all their music and books etc through this new function.

Google is catering to people who don’t want their digital content tethered to one of Apple’s mobile devices or a computer that requires iTunes software to play something bought from an Apple store.

Cool Android Factoids

Since the emergence of the Android Market and its consequent steady growth, coupled with the usage of mobile devices running on Google’s Android software. –

  • More than 300 million Android devices are in use worldwide.
  • Another 6 million are activated each week.
  • Android Market has amassed more than 450,000 mobile apps.
  • Google stocks more than 4 million books and more than 13 million songs and movies.


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