How Fibre Broadband Changed Recruitment Firm Compello’s Working Practices

July 22, 2015


We have some really great clients covering all business sectors here at Abica. We look after hotel groups ensuring their connectivity and IT is good enough to run their business operations, ambitious SME’s looking for ways to improve effectiveness and achieve growth and even schools who are constantly looking for the smartest working approaches to make sure plenty of time is spent in the classroom teaching.

The one thing they all have in common is the need to keep moving forward, to stay up to speed with what technology can do to help them achieve those different goals. And more often that not these days, the answer is fibre broadband.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband will mean different opportunities for different businesses but here, Compello Staffing Group offer us some insight into what that meant for them.


Compello Staffing Group is a company that invests in and manages specialist staffing businesses including business and recruitment outsource services. They have numerous UK and International offices that all operated their own systems, servers, hardware and landlines. Compello wanted to unify internal systems across all sites to achieve economies of scale and to optimise management processes with the installation of a company wide Recruitment Management System to be held at their head office in Glasgow.

How did Abica help?

Abica worked closely with Compello to understand the existing infrastructure and working practices of the group before recommending dedicated leased line connectivity that would give them the bandwidth and security to run the applications across their many sites. By keeping all Internet and data traffic on a private circuit, security became stronger as well as faster with no limit to the number of users. Cloud based applications could now be used effectively so that all sites can be effective throughout their working day, wherever they are.

The dedicated leased line made it possible for the group to run more applications online resulting in even greater cost efficiency. We installed a VoIP telephone system linking all businesses to a single platform resulting in lower equipment costs, streamlined management and call reports, call recording functionality and free telephone calls across all sites to any UK mobile or landline. As the majority of calls were to candidates’ mobile phones, this integration cost was completely covered by the resulting savings in a period of less than 8 months.

The organisation is now working more effectively, more collaboratively and more consistently. It is also now in a position to embrace cloud based applications that are likely to fuel business growth even further.

So, do you still think fibre broadband is just another way to connect to the Internet?

No, we didn’t think so.



Written by abica

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