Galaxy Nexus Vs iPad Vs Kindle

June 28, 2012

Google has unveiled the Nexus 7 – its first own-brand tablet.

An 8GB version will be sold for (£127) from mid-July pitching it directly against Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

They show cased their internet-connected augmented reality glasses revealing the first models would ship in 2013.

The announcements were made at Google’s I/O developers’ conference in San Francisco.

The Nexus 7 looks great, at least from the specs and Google’s presentation. It’s very inexpensive, but it has high-end features. That makes it great competition for Apple’s new iPad, and it truly represents the first credible Android challenger in the market.

Now, it’s possible that this device will take some sales away from Apple’s iPad. It’s possible, but we think that its real effect is going to be to grow the tablet market as a whole, and that this growth will make up for any potential lost iPad sales.

There’s more to the Nexus than just mimicking Amazon, however, and the Nexus is a very capable and very desirable tablet in its own right: where Amazon’s emphasis is almost entirely on selling Amazon content, the Nexus wants to be your sat-nav system, your gaming device and your work machine too.

If Amazon doesn’t hurry up and offer the Kindle Fire internationally, the Nexus is going to steal all its potential customers.

We can imagine some prospective iPad shoppers going for a Nexus too: it’s much, much more polished than similarly-sized Android tablets, and Google’s has tried to make this tablet as user friendly as possible.

The best feature here, of course, is the price: Google’s offering what appears to be a premium product but at an affordable price. If tablets are going to replace the computer, then Google allows this for the mass market.

Is Google Strategising?

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