Faster Broadband Connection Can Make the Difference between Success and Failure says Design Company Boss

August 12, 2009

Hanging around in the afternoons while large data files sent to or from customers took their time to cross the internet was hugely frustrating for design company boss, Robin Hagman, so he resolved to look for a faster and better broadband provider.

“We were constantly frustrated by how inefficient our old broadband was. It was far too slow for the kind of work we do”, said Robin, MD of Glasgow-based design consultancy, RHA Design.

“It started to become a huge problem especially when, as now, we are in a market where deadlines and budgets are tighter than ever and our ability to get work done quickly and to the highest standards is critical,” he said.

As a result, RHA Design investigated the market to see if it could resolve the problem by increasing broadband speeds and if possible make cost savings, before finally opting for the package provided by abica, a ten years old UK based telecoms operator focused solely on the small to medium sized business community.

Robin said: “abica’s broadband package is miles faster for both downloading and uploading information through the internet. There are no usage download limits and we also get a fixed IP address as part of the package. This is what I need to impress my customers and it means I don’t have to worry anymore about speed or file size because the new broadband works brilliantly. It also means far more productive afternoons for everyone involved in our business.”

On the back of faster and more reliable broadband, Robin decided to switch to abica to make him further costs savings by transferring over the company’s entire telecoms, mobile and landline as well, giving him a dedicated customer service manager and the facility to analyse, understand and manage his company’s cost of calls.

“The overall package, including broadband and telecoms gives me a 50 per cent saving on what we were paying to our former supplier and the ‘my abica’ facility means we can drill down to review the costs of each individual call.”

abica MD, said: Scott Allison: “abica is an SME, just like its customers, so we really understand the importance of reliable telecoms and, equally importantly, excellent service.”

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Written by abica

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