Cool Factoids

May 29, 2012

  • British jeweller Stuart Hughes lays claim to creating the world’s most expensive mobile phone. The iPhone 4 “Diamond Rose” edition boasts a price tag of £5 millioPocket dialing meant that 70% of emergency calls in 2000 were unintended.
  • The world’s first smartphone debuted in 1993 at Florida’s Wireless World Conference. Launched by BellSouth Cellular and “weighing in at a little more than a pound,” it was a phone-come-PDA with an early LCD touchscreen display.
  • The world’s most popular phone is the Nokia 1100, a basic GSM candybar launched in 2003. Over 250 million 1100s have been sold
  • There are more than 600 million telephone lines today, yet almost half the world’s population has never made a phone call.
  • Sound travels 15 times faster through steel than through the air.
  • The telephone is the most profitable invention in US history.
  • The busiest organisation in the world is the Pentagon, which has 34,500 lines and gets 1 million calls a day. It received over 1.5 million phone calls on The 50th Anniversary of D-Day





Written by abica

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