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Abica offer a diverse range of phone systems for businesses in London, with an ever-growing number of features and benefits. By replacing the traditional business phone system with the Abica hosted VoIP solution we are helping businesses stay ahead with cost savings and an increased flexibility and efficiency.

If your staff work in a single office, or operate across multiple London sites, the Abica business phone system products provide you with a range of easy-to-use features that will change the way you and your employees work. Proven to increase efficiency and productivity levels each of our products suit all budgets and feature requirements.

Fully equipped with the additional functionality now expected with business phone systems such as full call customisation, time of day call routing, voicemail to email and call recording, the Abica solutions are helping improve business customer service and increase productivity levels.

Further business benefits of using Hosted VoIP with Abica include:

  • Free calls: All your sites will benefit from free calls to each other.
  • Keep your old phone number – We can transfer your existing telephone numbers from your existing provider.
  • Plug and play technology: Handsets are pre-configured meaning they can be easily installed at any site where a live internet connection is present.
  • Straightforward Setup – Setup is simple and lines can easily be managed using the online control panel.

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