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Abica are helping to replace traditional business phone systems in Edinburgh with hosted VoIP solutions. With a wide range of phone system options available we are now helping businesses achieve major cost savings as well as an increased flexibility and productivity in the workplace.

Hosted VoIP

A hosted VoIP is a managed IP telephone system, which provides businesses with VoIP lines over multiple broadband connections instead of a traditional phone line. This means all call calling capabilities sit on Abica servers and all that’s required to access them is an Internet connection.

No matter your current size or expected growth, we have solutions that can fit your business.

If you are a small, medium or large business in Edinburgh we can suggest the best-suited phone system to help you make the most of the features unique to each.

Further business benefits of using Hosted VoIP with Abica include:

  • Save on Cost – VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional methods and you will benefit from free calls between all your users and offices.
  • Local Presence – Have geographical numbers for each of the cities you do business in and have all your calls answered in one central location.
  • Straightforward Setup – Setup is simple and lines can easily be managed using the online control panel.
  • Easy Administration – The web based control panel also allows you to manage inbound call routing, call history and voice-mail retrieval.
  • Handsets – Handsets are pre-configured, which means they can be easily installed at any site where a live internet connection is present.
  • Highest Call Quality – Business grade VoIP offers outstanding HD call quality which means no echo, no packet loss and no stuttering phone calls.

To arrange a demo of our VoIP phone systems, contact our team using the form shown or give our friendly team a call on 0131 202 0220.

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