Business 4G & 3G in London

If your employees in London are always on the move checking emails, video conferencing or simply downloading files, this requires a fast, stable and reliable internet connection.

Abica offers both 3G and faster 4G broadband connections for all your business needs.

Why Abica 4G

Through our partnership with EE, the UKs biggest, fastest and most reliable 4G network, combined with our award winning customer service, we deliver exceptional 4G service for all our business customers in London.

4G mobile broadband is the quickest and easiest internet technology to use for your business. It will eventually replace all existing 3G networks providing faster downloading and uploading speeds.

Why Abica 3G

Your business in London can still enjoy consistent coverage, fast connections and secure networks with our 3G mobile broadband.

Abica provides high grade 3G networks for all mobile contracts. We offer download speeds up to 50Mbps when combined with DC-HSPA technologies, even in remote or high contention areas.

We can also provide a fixed private IP address for you to communicate with all your devices, ensuring a secure and resilient network while out of the office.

Contact us on 02080 903 024 or using the form shown to find out more about our 4G and 3G internet connectivity options.

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