Business 3G & 4G in Edinburgh

With the ongoing out of office working practices, business related traveling and meetings with clients, having a reliable mobile broadband connection is vital.

Enhance your business accessibility and productivity on the go with our 3G and even faster 4G network services in Edinburgh.

Why Abica 4G

4G is the latest mobile technology that gives you faster, more consistent mobile data speeds, which makes it easier and quicker than ever before to use the internet while you are on the go.

Watch your Edinburgh business take-off with our superfast mobile 4G data that can be used with any smartphone, mobile router, dongle or Mi-Fi. By using Mi-Fi units you can share the connection with any of your current mobile or internet devices.

Why Abica 3G

At the moment, our 3G broadband network has better coverage in the UK since the 4G network has not reached all geographical locations yet. In Edinburgh right now you can be guaranteed fast and reliable mobile connections using 3G.

We ensure excellent quality service with a private APN (Access Point Name) which means a more secure connection and less contention, allowing for faster speeds.

Contact us on 0131 202 0220 or using the form shown to find out more about our 4G and 3G internet connectivity options.

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