Business 4G & 3G in Aberdeen

If your business in Aberdeen requires employees to be away from the office to attend meetings, events or meet up with clients, having a fast, reliable and stable internet connection is important.

At Abica we provide both 3G and superfast 4G connections so your employees can stay online while away from the office.

Why Abica 4G

4G is the latest mobile technology that gives you faster, more consistent mobile data speeds. This makes using the internet easier and quicker than ever before while you’re on the go. Smartphones, mobile router dongles or Mi-Fi units can use our superfast 4G mobile data connection which makes it perfect for mobile workers, pop up workers, or ad-hoc workers.

With our partnership with EE who provide the top rated overall UK network, we are able to offer the fastest 4G networks in Aberdeen!

Why Abica 3G

The 3G network is currently the most reliable network in the UK which allows users to make calls, texts and access the internet on the go.

Until 4G is fully available throughout the country, Abica offers high capacity grade 3G on all our mobile contracts with download speeds up to 21mbps. We are also able to compete with 4G speeds with our partner network and new technologies such as DS-HSPA, increasing our download speeds up to 50Mbps on some connections.

Contact us on 01224 907 488 or using the form shown to find out more about our 4G and 3G internet connectivity options.

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