Avoid Data Burn Abroad

August 5, 2015

As pasty Brits, we’re used to taking precautions in the sun. But while we can easily apply some SPF to avoid nasty burns, it’s not always so easy to make sure that you don’t come back to an even nastier phone bill. Not the best end to a holiday.

Data Roaming Tips

So how can you avoid a hefty data roaming bill?

Here are our top 10 tips for data roaming:

1. Unless you really need it, switch off data roaming in your settings before you go abroad.

2. There is an EU data limit of approx. £40, at which point your network will cut you off unless you have opted out.

3. You can buy data bundles before you go, keeping costs low and in some instances, at your home tariff rate.

4. Thankfully most hotels these days have Wi-Fi access so find out where you connect before you go and use Wi-Fi for everything you can.

5. Download TV, films, music, and books when you’re on Wi-Fi before you go. Same goes for maps, directions etc. Did you know you can save Google Maps offline?

6. If you do need data roaming when you’re away, decide what for and switch it off on everything else such as automatic app updates, push email etc.

7. Browsing mobile sites is better than desktop versions as they’re lighter on the megabytes. Most mobile sites have a similar address to their desktop versions. If you’re unsure what the mobile version is, try replacing www. with m. For example, m.bbc.co.uk.

8. The currently free app, Onavo compresses data downloads for other apps like Facebook, so you can do more with your download limit.

9. If you do get a bundle, remember it might automatically opt you out of the EU 50Euro cut-off limit so you need to keep an eye on your usage. Most networks will keep you informed.

10. Look after your smartphone when you’re out and about abroad as thieves can easily run up large bills in a matter of hours.

If you are an Abica customer, check in with us to make sure you are properly set up. Call us on 0141 404 8008 or contact us online.

The good news is that by 2017, you’ll pay the same for calls, texts and data as you do at home, whatever EU country you’re in.



Written by abica

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