Abica’s example will set the tone at telecoms industry global conference

April 30, 2009

The Scottish telecoms industry is at the forefront of developing services to the business market and Glasgow-based abica, one of the firms leading the charge, will present its model to delegates from around the world at this year’s MVNO Industry Summit in Barcelona.

Scott Allison, managing director at abica, said providing niche services to the business community was a massive potential growth area for the telecoms industry and claimed existing networks risked losing significant numbers of customers by not providing the choice of tariffs or level of services that these businesses wanted.

He commented: “I was at the conference last year and there was a real focus on the consumer market. However there has been a realisation that the business market is going to be the next big area of expansion and as a firm that operates solely within this space and is providing a profitable and popular service to this sector, we have been asked to give a keynote address on the opening day of the conference.”

As a specialist in providing mobile telecom services to the business community, Scott will use his presentation to highlight the potential that the market holds, explain where it differs from the retail market and show why serving this sector is reliant on providing a bespoke proposition.

abica’s senior management are in high demand at the conference and following on from Scott’s keynote presentation, chairman Rod Matthews will be part of an expert panel answering questions from the floor.

Rod has unrivalled experience in the industry and was the founder of ScottishTelecom, which has since evolved into Thus. As the chairman of abica he will also be at the forefront of the major developments that shape the industry in the future.

The MVNO Summit is taking place in Barcelona on the 13th and 14th of May and further details of the programme can be found at www.mvnoindustrysummit.com. abica will certainly be in good company and other keynote addresses to the summit will come from some of the biggest firms in the market including Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a firm that does not simply resell the packages offered by the mobile networks, but has license to set its own tariffs and design its own service offerings. This means they are better placed to focus on individual markets and meet their specific needs more effectively.

Scott said: “Much of the business community has effectively been ignored by the mobile phone industry and been forced to adapt to the packages on offer. Instead there is a growing understanding that not only is this a very significant potential market, but also that it has individual needs that are not being addressed. We are the first firm to tailor our proposition exclusively to the business market and we are really looking forward to speaking about our experience in Barcelona.”

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