In the Beginning…There Was Dial Up

May 19, 2015


Remember when mobiles were the size of a brick and did nothing other than make and receive calls? Do you remember when Internet was dial up and it meant you couldn’t use the landline? Can you imagine running a business like that now?

Competition was local, the main form of marketing was word of mouth and websites were for the young. How times have changed! How opportunities have grown.

Well, to remind you just far we’ve all come, this is part 1 in our three part series of the Wonders of Technology. For today’s blog, we remember how businesses used to have to operate when Internet first came about. Hands up if you’re old enough to remember!

wonders of technology blog 1

1. Dire Dial Up

Remember this beautiful sound? 

Nice! And let’s not forget that you could only dial in if you ensured nobody was on the landline. Thankfully ADSL soon followed on and now, no business needs to go without broadband.

2. Ugly websites

These days, most businesses know that websites are their digital shop window. First impressions matter! Check out these corporate corkers from the early website days.

apple website

3. Email Excitement

Do you remember when some businesses didn’t have email? Those of us who were ahead of the game referred to them as snail mailers! Free email accounts were unheard of. We use it every minute of every day now yet there was a time when businesses agonized over how much email should be used, whether it was for confirmation or conversation and how it was killing the art of human interaction! Hilarious when it’s most people’s preferred communication method now! Here are some tips on email etiquette.

4. Enormous Phone Bills

So back when we were dialing up on an additional landline to try and move with the times, the phone bills could get seriously high. Between data consumption and long distance or long duration phone calls, most businesses found out the hard way and breathed a sigh of relief when ADSL finally made its mark.

5. Slowly Does It

Oh my. Do you remember how long it took to upload or to access a web page? What did you do? Kick back, make a cuppa and wait it out? Or try to multi task and do something else in the background?  In the early days, we could see its massive potential but boy did we think it was rubbish then!

6. Search Engine Enthusiasts

Go on. Ask me anything you want to know. Good old Ask Jeeves!

7. Live Online Communication

Yes it existed even then. Messenger was fantastic for personal use, and don’t even start us on the novelty of chat forums. But the big promise for businesses was webcam. Sadly, it didn’t live up to our expectations. Internet speed and the quality of the technology meant the reality was somewhat grainy and slow with stuttering audio.

8. The Kit

Flexible working was unheard of and no wonder! Home computers came into fashion in the early nineties but computers were heavy, big and frankly huge.

9. Backing Up

Did you know your hard drive from your floppy? How excited were you when memory sticks came about? Now we get all excited about cloud. Seriously…thank goodness.

10. Fax Machines

Yes. Remember them? No, nor us.

Join us next week as we discuss how current technology trends are helping businesses to grow faster and leaner than ever before.

Written by abica

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