Techno Toddlers

November 29, 2011

How toddlers enjoy techno joy whilst some of us adults suffer techno fear!

A firm that makes antivirus computer software, conducted a survey of mothers of children aged between two and five with internet access at home. They found that more of the children knew how to play a computer game than swim or ride a bike, and that more pre-schoolers knew how to use a smartphone than tie their shoelaces.

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iPads are often used as the family entertainment, much to the dismay of some fathers who have bought them for their own professional use. The grubby paws belonging to the inquisitive toddlers creating havoc in the household. Whether Apple had such young users in mind when they created the iPad however, it is not surprising that it appeals to the kids with its easy to use interface. With the multitude of apps designed to entertain kids, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the experience.

Making sure your tablet is protected with protective holders is key! Interestingly adults are inherently more baffled by technology as children seem to just take it for granted.

Cyber policing is necessary as has always been the case with the Internet’s accessibility for young children. Technology’s ability to educate and entertain goes without saying but does it hinder a child’s ability to use their own imagination and does it thwart their independence in developing or does it further it? 72% of children under five spend on average half an hour a day online. Unsurprisingly, boiled down to the message that it’s never too early to protect your children from the dangers lurking on the internet.


Written by abica

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