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4G Double Speeds now in Glasgow,


Edinburgh,¬†Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottin…

4G EE coverage keeps getting better!


EE, announced plans to add an additional 27 cities and towns, including Oxford and Milton Keynes, by t…

Tablets are to out sell Notebooks in 2013


Whether it be¬†iPad, Nexus or Samsung the sale of tablets in 2013 is expected to soar by 64% over the sal…

4G will boost the British Economy


It has been proven that access to 4G for UK businesses will increase productivity insurmountably. Ev…

Technologies shaping our future


Great Scott! Hover-boards and self-lacing sneakers! What next?! We look at 5 prevalent technologie…

AbicaPedia – Jargon Buster


  3G – Is the general term to describe the third generation of mobile phone standards, sup…

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