Simple test from abica will help businesses see if online services have wandered offline

March 13, 2009

Businesses across Scotland are paying for broadband speeds they don’t get and can now test exactly how much they are missing out on with a new online tool from business telecoms specialist abica.

In a matter of seconds, internet users can test both the download and upload speed of their broadband connection and see just how far short they are falling from their advertised package. The test is available at

The majority of SMEs have signed up to 8Mbps packages, although it is likely they are actually working with something that operates at less than half of this capacity.

Indeed, research from telecoms regulator Ofcom has found that on average, internet users receive only 45% of the headline speed advertised by their internet service providers.

Based in Glasgow and focused exclusively on the business community, telecoms provider abica gives its customers a faster deal.

By using the latest technology, ADSL2+ instead of ADSL for those in the know, abica can deliver faster broadband for clients and help them run their operations more effectively.

Scott Allison, managing director at abica, explains: “By using the most sophisticated technology we are able to deliver higher broadband speeds than most other internet service providers in the market. Indeed we recently replaced an 8 Mbps package for a client who had previously been with BT. The actual speed they had been receiving was only 2.5Mbps and our technology has doubled that to 5Mbps.”

Allison said that despite the headline rates advertised for broadband, it was impossible to actually deliver them due to a number of factors. Depending on the wires delivering the broadband, the distance of a customer from the nearest telephone exchange and the type of technology used by the internet service provider, there could be a huge variance in the actual speed of individual broadband connections.

“This is not something many providers are keen to explain,” said Allison. “However, in keeping with our ethos of honesty and simplicity for our clients, we will give them an accurate estimation of the speed of broadband they can expect from us. Our experience has shown that the more sophisticated technology we use delivers better results than most of the other players in the market who have not yet upgraded their capability.”

Allison also said that abica’s standard office grade products offer up to 24 Mbps, up to 3 times faster both for downloads and uploads compared to traditional ISPs. At the moment it is able to provide these speeds to the majority of businesses in Central Belt, over 60% of businesses are connected to an abica compatible exchange. By contrast BT is only just beginning to offer this speed of connection and its availability is extremely limited.

While most users focus on the download speed of their broadband connection, Allison was keen to point out that upload speeds were also an important consideration, especially for businesses such as graphic designers and architects sending large files by email.

“Many businesses complain that their internet is sticky and their email is slow. Above the pure frustration this causes it also makes operations less efficient and this is something few can afford,” said Allison.

He added: “We can offer real improvements for those moving over to our service and using our simple test will let businesses see just how much ground there is to make up.”

Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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