Shweeet dreams! – there’s even an App for that now.

April 26, 2012

The App to influence your dreams…. Creating the world’s largest dream experiment.

Think of Inception… ever wanted to choose your dreams? Design your environment? Decide who to take with you?

This is only the beginning….

Dream:On is a social experiment. I downloaded the app through my own curiosity, however it does not seem to work for me, as much as I will it and want it to. It also allows you to keep a dream diary, as the experiment’s objective is to analyse different dreams and how they originate – through gender/ location/ age etc …

It also allows you to run the app through – guess what – Facebook. Meaning you can share your dream life with your friends and tag others who appear in your adventures through the night.

One feature which is nice is that it includes a free and fully functional smart alarm that will gently sound before your chosen time in the morning, waking you up at the optimum moment in order to leave you feeling refreshed and happy.

Find out more about the concept here:

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