On Premise Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

By On-Premise, we simply mean that your organisation hosts the necessary hardware on an internal server. With On-Premise VoIP, your in-house IT department is responsible for the routine updates and software upgrades, as well regular maintenance, system backups and data monitoring, so it is important that you have the team, knowledge and expertise to deal with any issues.

Benefits of Abica On-Premise VoIP:

  • Every VoIP phone system is fully warranted and supported by our VoIP system support team.
  • We can transfer your current number, meaning there is no need to change your number. We also offer multiple incoming phone numbers, and the ability to differentiate between them.
  • VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional call methods, and calls abroad are much cheaper.
  • Additional VoIP lines can be deployed instantly, as long as there is bandwidth to do so.
  • Reports show a summary of all calls received, missed or engaged as well as the time of the calls, call volumes and durations.
  • SIP Trunking is another way to reduce your On-Premise VoIP costs further.

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