Microsoft Surface Hub for businesses

Businesses collaborate from more places than just an office. To make this distributed model work, we rely on technology to keep employees in sync and keep everyone in the loop.

Microsoft Surface Hub is an all-in-one, multi-touch screen device for groups to connect and collaborate. It makes working with others productive, wherever you are.

Bring your team together to collaborate, make key business decisions and keep everyone on the same page to achieve your business goals efficiently in a modern working environment. Unlock the power of the group.

What is Microsoft Surface Hub?

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Michael A Gribben

Director - National Engineering Services at CBRE UK

“Nick and his team at pcr are a crucial part of how we deliver services to our customers. Without that support, we would be unable to maintain the high standards we set and pcr have been crucial in developing our network that compliments our ISO 9001. We have grown as a company and Nick has supported that growth by assisting us in upsizing into new premises and developing our in house IT processes.”

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