Cloud computing & On premise benefits for businesses

The Cloud is not a new concept but it’s still at the forefront of IT. Products developed by companies such as Apple and Microsoft show just how clever it can be. Partly because of what it lets you do but also the change from capital expenditure to operational expenditure is hugely appealing too.

Not to be overlooked, On-Premise is still king for companies handling sensitive data.

Most businesses use a hybrid approach – benefitting from the perks of cloud whilst keeping some operations in house.

Why Cloud?

Seen as the big facilitator for flexible working and efficiency, more and more businesses are switching elements of their business operations to Cloud and away from physical in-house servers. With scalable levels of security, costs can vary depending on your business’ specific needs.

Cloud solutions can improve business efficiency, reduce costs and increase flexibility. With cloud data storage, businesses have the flexibility to access work files and systems from anywhere with connectivity. Hosted desktops can replicate the office computer environment for a member of staff wherever they are. Other benefits of using Cloud technology include:

  • No software licensing costs.
  • Low cost for services.
  • No new infrastructure requirements e.g. servers.
  • No need for dedicated IT staff
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Customisable
  • Mobile accessible
  • Built-in disaster recovery as all files are stored off-site.

Why On-Premise?

For some businesses where data security is a massive risk, On-Premise solutions are still important.

We’ve highlighted the advantages of using an On-Premise solution below:

  • Offers in-house control over all systems/data
  • Corporate data is stored and handled internally
  • Dedicated IT staff to deal with any maintenance/support issues.
  • Highly customisable
  • Ensures high security

There’s no “one solution fits all” when it comes to choosing between Cloud or On-Premise technology so our IT division, pcr, will do the hard work for you by getting to know your business, your systems and IT objectives before giving you recommendations that will truly improve how you work.

If you are considering a new IT infrastructure or cloud solution, just contact out friendly team today.

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