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Every business is different. Staff numbers, reliance on the Internet and future development plans are all important factors. That’s why we like to talk about your business broadband needs before we make any recommendations. However, this table provides a quick overview of the speed, delivery method and area availability factors for each of our business broadband solutions.

SolutionSpeedMethod of DeliveryArea Availability
FTTC aka Superfast BroadbandDownload speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds up to 20Mbps.The connection from the exchange to the roadside cabinet is fibre then a copper line connects to your premises.Growing availability and subject to postcode
EFM2 pair: 10Mbps 4 pair: 20Mbps 8 pair: 45MbpsCopper pairs speeded up by Ethernet in the first mile.Widely available
ADSLDownload speeds of up to 8Mbps and upload speeds of up to 800KbpsStandard copper wires of your existing phone line, direct to your premises.Widely available
ADSL 2+Download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of X2 MbpsStandard copper wires of your existing phone line, direct to your premises.Widely available
Leased LinesSymmetrical: Upload and download speeds from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.FibreWidely available but costs vary depending on position and is subject to survey.

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Christian Bruce

Redpath Bruce Property Management Ltd

“I couldn’t recommend Abica more highly. They are steering our business through the labyrinth that is the telecommunications business with the cost effective implementation of fibre based broadband and telephony. They have cut through all the jargon with a no-nonsense approach and additionally have acquired for us the relevant government vouchers to off-set against the initial set-up costs of both the fibre, our new hardware and software. They speak in layman’s terms but deliver a precise, detailed and responsive service.””

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