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We strive to supply our customers with insightful management information. MyAbica lets you identify your usage patterns through a number of reporting tools, giving you greater control of how your landlines and mobiles are used by you and your staff.

As an Abica customer, you will receive an email every month with your VAT invoice attached. You can then log in to My Abica at any time for a detailed breakdown of your invoice costs and near real-time spend information.

My Abica gives you:

  • Usage data including the top 10 most frequently dialled numbers, most expensive calls and 10 longest calls
  • Graphical reports displaying calls by day of the month, hour of day or day of week
  • Exportable data to excel for further analysis
  • Downloadable Invoices (current and historical)
  • Unbilled calls summary
  • Payment history information
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