Is your busy tone losing you clients?

April 26, 2012

Scenario: you have been tasked with organising a birthday bash for a friend and you have so much to organise:  the venue, the food, the entertainment, the travel, the invites and the… well you get the picture. Main thing is you need to find the time to sort it all out. So, as a busy person with little time to spare you search online for each service you require and seek 2 competitive quotes for each item on your to do list.

As a business this must make you think, does my busy tone lose me potential customers? What if my company were to lose out on the business because the caller – in their haste – spoke to another company first?

This is where call management could ensure you did not lose any potential customers.

There are lots of sophisticated solutions out there to help businesses manage their inbound calls more efficiently, it may be an on a premise solution deployed as part of your phone system or a virtual service deployed, in this “cloud” that we keep hearing so much about.

An Auto Attendant service acts as an interface between your business and the outside world. This means that all calls are dealt with efficiently and professionally. Callers can be routed to the relevant person or department and more importantly your sales effort will not be obstructed by that devil “the busy tone”.

In addition services like auto attendants can be used to increase your marketing potential by recording sales and customer service messages to be played as hold or welcome music.

There are some very cost effective ways to deploy call management solutions for your business, they need not cost the earth and could even help you win more clients.

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Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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