iPad3 rumours – What to expect

February 23, 2012

The time has come around again for everyone to start guessing what features behold the next Apple release: the iPad3. The rumours are already making their rounds. However, speculation it is. We have endeavoured to break it down a bit and look at what everyone is talking about. Just to get us started.

1. Is it going to be an iPad2S equivalent?

Apparently it looks just like the iPad 2, only thicker by about 1 mm. The camera in the top left corner is expected to be a bit larger than the iPad 2 and similar to the improved camera featured on the iPhone 4S.
The question playing on everyone’s minds is: is the next-generation device just an upgrade similar to that of the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S?

2. Better resolution

Apparently the device will have a quad-core processor – compared with the dual-core A5 chip in the current iPad model. The increased screen resolution would increase the apparent detail on images while not requiring software developers to rewrite their products.

3. March Arrival

Apparently two key manufacturing partners for Apple – have started producing the next-generation iPad and plan to ship the device in March. Some speculate 7th March.

4. Siri

Apparently Apple may be adding Siri dictation to the next-generation iPad.

5. A Cheaper iPad Model

Apparently a less expensive iPad model will also be released with the next-generation iPad to offer an alternative to the Kindle Fire.

6. Price Cuts on Previous Models

Apparently some folk are holding out on purchasing an Apple tablet until price cuts occur on previous iPad models after the unveiling of the next-generation version. Since the cost of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G lowered after the iPhone 4S debuted, it’s possible that the first two versions of the iPad could experience a price drop.

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