iPad 2: time to upgrade? A review

April 27, 2011


Whilst the original iPad offered something new, there was still a consensus that the laptop remained more appealing for most. This second generation tablet however looks to be even better – it is slimmer yet just as durable as its predecessor.


Loading websites is much faster and switching between apps even quicker. Improved graphics allow for the games to run smoother however the video calling: Facetime proves to be the main new feature which is unfortunately limited to Wifi. Skype is available regardless of your data connection. The cameras are sufficient yet not life changing, their primary purpose being for video not photo snapping.   Switching between applications, playing games and browsing the web are substantially faster.

The new smart covers are pretty cool, they connect magnetically to the side and both lock and wake your iPad, working like the lid of a laptop. Rolling the cover into a triangle turns it into a stand that you can then sit on your desk.

It is most impressive from an engineering standpoint. It’s new slim look that now has 10 hours of battery life is impressive. iOS offers a sizable library of apps customized specifically for the iPad, not simply scaled apps to fit the larger display.


These tablets are not for everyone, but we think that once you start using them you will understand their appeal. The bigger screen and multi-touch technology is redefining the web.
Flicking between applications, games and websites proves much more fun thatn surfing at your desk or lap top. The most impressive apps allowing you to create and view content are the GarageBand (music) and iMovie.

For those who already own the iPad, the cost of upgrade may not be justified by the improvements namely: cameras, performance boost, new form and cover. We are sure the iPad 3 will enter our lives pretty soon and make that upgrade worthwhile!

Abica will be offering early bird deals on the iPad 2.

Written by abica

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