hot tips for using your smartphone abroad

May 29, 2012

Research shows that almost 62% of smartphone users have been hit by a huge mobile phone bill following a trip abroad.

The problem usually lies in lack of knowledge. Smartphones can easily use one MB in seconds, which can result from downloading an email or opening a web link. In this era, there is huge temptation to stay in touch with family and friends whilst abroad and for those travelling on business- essential.

The unexpected costs suffered by many can be avoided by simply checking network roaming charges or activating cost-saving bundles before making the trip.
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Here are 5 hot tips for staying mobile whilst abroad.

1. Check your rates

Check with your network operator costs for calling, receiving calls, texting and receiving texts. This varies with every network and different areas.

2. Look out for hidden rates.

Often network operators hide elevated costs so do not be surprised if you discover extreme charges whilst travelling outwith the UK.

3. Check with your network operator

Check with your network operator what bundles you can buy prior to leaving but make sure that you leave enough time so that they will be added to your bill THAT particular month.

4. Switch off your Roaming Data

iPhone: Scroll to Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming – then touch the button Off.
Android: Click on Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks and uncheck ‘Data roaming’.

5. Call barring and forwarding

You are bound to receive calls whilst you are away and it is likely that you will be charged for receiving these incoming calls. You can avoid this by barring calls to your phone, or forwarding calls to your voicemail.

There is one other simple solution: Airplane Mode. Why not switch off completely and not worry about it.

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