Hey! You! Get off of my Cloud! – Is the Cloud safe?

July 28, 2011

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than on a local server or personal computer.

How does it affect your business?

The most important benefit to storing your data in the Cloud is that it offers you an alternative to purchasing expensive computer hard and software. It is resilient because if your computer is stolen you can continue working using another web connected PC.

But is it safe?

Cynicism is common place for new methods. However, the fact remains and is being widely accepted by most in the industry that the Cloud is now the safest place for your data.

The risk of data loss is ever present and a major concern for businesses. Some of the main causes of data loss are viruses, hardware failure, software corruption, human error, theft and fire. Keeping your data on site whether you back it up to removable hardware or you keep duplicate copies on a few office computers, is not secure. With a good online backup provider your data is stored in a secure data centre which lets you set policies as to what devices can be used to access the data.

With the fast paced development of new devices that can access the internet it is more important than ever to ensure your security strategy is airtight. One of the main concerns, when the term cloud computing started to be branded around, was the security issues. Surely keeping your important information on an external hard drive is the safest way for your business to operate?

The future of data is in the cloud and there is no need to be afraid of it.

Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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