Free Nokia Lumia for £10 per month

August 6, 2012

try me, buy me, love me

Try me, Buy me, Love me

We are currently working closely with Nokia to promote this new range of Nokia Lumia handsets, this current offer is a free 2 week trial of the following devices:

  • Nokia Lumia 610
  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Lumia 900

During the trial we can provide you with a fully loaded SIM card to make and receive calls or you can use your own.

There is absolutely no commitment with this promotion – you can simply hand back the device after 2 weeks, should you not be completely satisfied.

Tried it, Loved it, Want it

So you been using your Lumia of choice for 2 weeks, opening email, editing attachments, chatting with colleagues on Lync and accessing your business CRM on the go. If you would like to keep it, we have a great offer for you:

  • Free Nokia Lumia 610
  • 100 minutes of calls
  • 100 text messages
  • 500 Mb of data
  • Half price line rental for 24 months

get the lumia 610 for free, with calls, texts and data and pay only £10 per month

*business users only




























Written by abica

Abica is a Glasgow based business telecoms and IT provider. Together with our IT Division, pcr, we provide businesses with a full range of high quality telecoms and IT products and services tailored to fit around your business.

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