Fix My iPhone!

May 30, 2011

Abica’s FixMyi service is fast becoming a much required addition to our offering. Although a robust piece of equipment, things can happen to your iPhone! Our AA equivalent breakdown recovery service, means we will pick the phone up from you and drop it back to you within the day.

A lot of people rely on them for all their communications. If it breaks it can completely disrupt your day and affect your productivity.

Abica’s offering is quick and pain free, we offer minimal hassel and a speedy turnaround. David Bellinger from the Carnyx Group, explains how he has benefited from the service.

“Being a media company, we rely on fast reliable communications to get the latest stories on our website first. When our editor cracked his iPhone screen it effectively meant he was stuck behind a desk. FixMyi had his phone back to him by mid-morning allowing him to not miss a beat. Managing 9 company phones takes up a lot of my time which Abica does away with and also makes me look good and be more productive because things are always done faster than expected. Their FixMyi service is quick and painless!”

David Bellinger, Carnyx Group

Call one of our team if you woud like more information on this service.

Written by abica

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