Is Fibre Connectivity Right For Your Rural Business?

June 9, 2015

When it’s truly bad, doing anything online takes an age (there goes efficiency), cost saving technologies that rely on the Internet can’t be considered and businesses can become bound by their geography.

In December of last year, Mull hit the headlines when it was finally connected to the rest of the world with undersea fibre connectivity. It was just one of many subsea connections for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and it emphasises the way the digital landscape of the UK is changing in even the most remote regions to allow businesses to flourish.

Rural Fibre Broadband Connectivity

Yet whilst the infrastructure is spreading far and wide to make this goal possible, the grants aren’t necessarily available in every area where fibre connectivity is.  If your business premises are in one of the UK’s 50 SuperConnected cities, the good news is that the Government has a pot of money for eligible businesses to get a grant of up to £3k to get up to speed, literally.

If your business isn’t, you may well still be able to access the connectivity, but not the grant.

So, should you bother?

You could wait it out and hope the UK Government extends the scheme into additional postcodes. They may well do.

Or, you could seize the moment and get on board anyway in the knowledge that your closest competitors may already have done just that and could be already benefitting from improved processes, more flexible working and increased turnover.

The UK Government said on its third extension of the SuperConnected Cities scheme earlier this year that it was aiming to ensure 95% of homes and businesses across the UK had access to superfast broadband by 2017. They included a commitment to rural broadband funding in that announcement.

Most of us have experienced really poor connectivity at some point and it drives the most even-tempered amongst us to lose our cool.

Rural businesses that have had to struggle with stuttering, low quality connectivity for many years can see the direct impact on their operations and profit.

All of the (quite accurate) hype around fibre connectivity had left a few businesses scratching their heads.  Do they need it? What difference will it make? What will it cost? When will they see the return on investment? How will they see the return on investment? Is it necessary right now or can they go on as they are? Should they future proof or wait till it has become more of an issue?

The question is; what’s right for your business?

Guess what! If you’re not sure but want to know more, talk to us and we can give you lots of examples where fibre was the answer for our clients, and where it wasn’t.




Written by abica

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