Fibre Broadband: The Unsung Hero

April 7, 2015

Examples of growth attributed to faster broadband connections are hitting business news thick and fast. Sure, the connectivity is not always the headline but it sure is the facilitator.


One of our own customers, Compello Staffing Group recently welcomed a change in organizational systems and staff working practices that have let them not only meet their customer’s expectations but entirely exceed them.

The international business and recruitment outsourcing service provider recognized that their IT infrastructure could work a lot harder to allow them to innovate and further their service levels.

They moved their email service to a cloud based system and installed a company-wide recruitment management system at its head office in Glasgow, serving all UK and international sites. They also installed a Global VoIP telephony system to consolidate multiple phone systems into one. Each of these changes translated to more effective working, faster access to data, reduced hardware and management costs and a happier workforce.

And none of it could have been implemented without superfast broadband.

Imagine your connectivity as a tube. The narrower it is, the less you can do online. The most successful businesses in your category will most likely not only have a digital presence but digital working practices. With poor connectivity, your business may not be able to adapt to the modern market, make the most of time saving operational practices, or tap into cost saving IT and communication solutions.

Put simply, faster broadband means more opportunity for growth.

There’s so much more we could say that we’ll continue to explore this topic tomorrow and over coming weeks.

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Written by abica

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