Siri has a siri-ous contender…

February 28, 2012

Siri has competition. It’s name is Evi. It can do stuff that Siri does. The company who created this AI form has been warned that it will be removed from the App store, because it is too good at its job….

It was reported that the app available for both Apple and Android devices has been threatened by Apple.

Evi who is substantially better at dealing with regional accents and has better aptitude for UK locations, is under scrutiny by Apple – the stores terms and conditions state that any apps that emerge in the market that are substantially similar to an existing Apple app must be removed.

Siri Vs Evi

  • Both offer voice driven speech analysis and speech recognition.
  • Siri cannot do UK searches
  • Evi works on iPad and Androids
  • Evi is free, because it uses Google’s voice recognition system
  • Siri costs 69p, to cover the cost of the Nuance voice-recognition system which turns users’ requests into machine-readable text.

Apps are not normally removed by Apple and it is a rare occurrence when it happens. On one occasion a camera app that used the volume button as a screen shutter was removed from the App store.

It has been reported that the downloads of each app are running at equal levels on the two platforms.

Surely there’s nothing like a bit of competition to improve on a product.

Let battle commence.


Written by abica

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