EU Mobile Roaming Cap

July 17, 2013

Good news…using your mobile abroad now costs less! 

The cost of using a mobile phone abroad will be slashed from 1/7/2013 under new EU rules.

A price cap on downloading data means looking at maps, checking emails and sending pictures while travelling in EU countries will be 36% cheaper, and 91% cheaper compared to 2007.

Traditionally the cost of using your mobile abroad has been very expensive and let’s be honest we all know someone who has a horror story about their holiday mobile phone bill.

What does it mean…

The cost of making calls abroad will reduce by at least 17% whilst the cost of receiving a phone call abroad will reduce by at least 12%. In addition the cost of texting abroad will reduce by 11%.

Overall, since 2007 the EU Commission said it has achieved retail price reductions across calls, SMS and data of over 80%.

And thats not the end of the good news,  as more reductions are planned for July next year.

Of course, mobiles operators are free to offer cheaper rates, and some have already begun to remove roaming premiums altogether for voice and SMS, or offer a roaming-free area across some sections of Europe – if you’re going away over the summer, then get in touch and we will advise you the best available tariffs and bundles on your network.

From the 1/7/2013 new price caps, excluding VAT, will be:

  • 38 pence per megabyte to download data or browse the internet
  • 20 pence per minute to make a call
  • 6 pence per minute to receive a call
  • 7 pence to send a text message

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