Don’t pay more with Abica’s new 118 224 service

November 25, 2010

Abica, the telecoms specialist for businesses, has slashed costs by over 50p a minute with its new directory enquiry service, urging customers not to pay more with its 118 224 number.

At over 50p a minute cheaper than the current market leader, Abica’s 118 224 directory enquiry service is the only Scottish-owned provider in the market and is supported by a UK call centre.

Abica is calling on all companies to encourage staff to use the number and significantly cut the annual cost of their directory enquiry calls. Residential callers can also dial 118 224 and benefit from the same savings.

The 118 224 directory enquiry service will be backed up by a radio, press, and online marketing campaign.

Joint Managing Director at Abica, David Munro, said: “The launch of our ‘don’t pay more with 224’ campaign is all about providing excellent value for both commercial and private sector users.

“Abica has championed good value for its customers and it wants to take this approach out to the wider market and show that there is often a better and cheaper way to run their telecoms.

“Our 118 224 number is dramatically cheaper than competitors and so people will enjoy some serious savings by using our new directory enquiry service.”

Initially the marketing campaign will be focused on Scotland, but will be expanded across the UK as volumes build.

The directory enquiries market is currently worth £300m annually and generates hundreds of thousands of calls each day.

Abica is looking to initially attract a single digit percentage of that market and grow its share as customers realise the savings they can make with 118 224.

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