Client Focus – Edzell Property Management

May 31, 2011

Timothy Lovat, Partner, chats about his experience with Abica.

As a small family owned business, we need to be able to communicate constantly, and being involved in property, we are always on the move, whether it be inspecting, letting or undertaking necessary works. It is important that our team are available 24/7; a leaking pipe doesn’t stop when we go to bed!

Abica provides us with a mobile and land based communication platform, including email and calls that allow us to be closer to our tenants and also our landlords, thus meaning calls go through to the correct department, faster, saving time and money.

Edzell Property Management is one of Glasgow’s largest private property managers. We are a young, dynamic family firm seeking to provide our customers with a ‘good value, low cost solution’ to all aspects of property management in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Our clients range from individual owners to larger property owners.

Written by abica

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