Caledonian Plywood saves thousands with telecoms firm Abica

March 2, 2009

The Caledonian Plywood Company has extended its relationship with SME focused telecoms provider abica, in a move that will save the firm at least 10% on its current broadband and landline costs and add thousands of pounds to its bottom line.

Caledonian Plywood is one of the largest and most successful importers of plywood in the UK and has a longstanding relationship with abica, for its mobile phones.

However the firm has now moved its landline and broadband contracts from BT and placed them with abica, making the firm its sole telecoms provider.

Headquartered in Glasgow with offices in Leeds, Tilbury and Valencia, Caledonian Plywood deals with suppliers from around the world, customers throughout the UK and manages a large logistics operation, including its own fleet of delivery trucks. As such effective communications are essential to the success of the business.

Derrick Bartlett, a partner at Caledonian Plywood says the decision to move across to abica was an easy one.

“The service we receive from abica is excellent and the tariffs have always been very competitive for our mobile phones. In moving everything across to abica we will generate significant savings, but still enjoy a very personal relationship with the company.”

abica is a Glasgow-based firm with a heritage dating back over 8 years. It recently rebranded to reflect its new status as a virtual network operator, which allows it to design and cost its own telecoms packages rather than simply reselling those offered by the networks.

It has tailored its service to the SME sector and is the only telecoms provider in the market to focus specifically on the business community.

Scott Allison, managing director at abica, said: “We have worked closely with Caledonian Plywood over the years and we are delighted to now become their sole telecoms provider. Many businesses have had to sacrifice either price or service when buying their telecoms in the past and this is not a sacrifice we believe they should have to make.”

abica’s latest tariff offers mobile line rentals starting at £5 a month, which the firm says are the lowest in the UK for business users.

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