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January 5, 2016

Best Travel Apps - Free & Best Paid Apps

When you think about going on your dream holiday or road trip, you might think about Milan, Miami or soaking up the sun in the south of France. There is rarely however a thought given to the journey or the actual organisation of the trip, which undoubtedly takes up more time than is expected. This can often be more so if you’re travelling for business.

Luckily we can now lessen this ‘workload’ with a number of mobile travel apps which are now on hand to help reduce the legwork for us. So when it comes to sorting out the planning, booking, or even the mode of transport, the following travel apps should prove to be very handy.

Trip it

This app allows you to be your own travelling agent, tourist and basically plan every detail of your trip from car hiring to room booking. You can create personal trip plans or forward your email confirmations for your flight, hired car, train bookings, or hotels/apartments to Trip It and they will better your trip. All your trip details including flight plans and reservations can be viewed in one place and you can synchronise your travel plans with your calendar and your preferred social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Flighttrack provides you with every detail about flight bookings including real time tracking. It updates you on which flights have been delayed and cancelled, as well as real time push flight alerts, flight terminal maps and weather delays. Currently it is available on Google Play, Blackberry World and the Apple Store.

Travel list

Ever been at the airport and remembered that you’ve forgotten something important that you need when you’re away? Well this specialist travel list app (aptly named) will remind you of everything to pack, set reminders on anything vital you need with you and even plan sets of itineraries for every stop you’ll have on the way. Who needs a pal when you have this?


The on demand taxi service app which has been around in North America since 2009 has only recently made its way to Scotland. So if you’re on your way to the airport or you’re just looking to get around the city, this app has a number of advantages. As well as offering cheaper fares (in some cases cutting prices by a third) Uber prevents the need to make the dreaded call to taxi firms and the company is also said to carry out enhanced criminal records and medical checks on drivers.


Gogobot is a social travel app that helps you find places to stay, eat, and play during your trip. It is comprised of users who upload photos, information, and ratings for the sites. The user also tags the restaurants and places of interest based on different categories such as family, food, budget, and adventure. This allows you to look up places and explore them ahead of arrival.

What are your favourite travelling apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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