Business Advantages of Mobile Phones

April 21, 2015

By 2020, 90% of the world’s population over six years old will own a mobile phone. Ironically, mobile phone calls have been knocked right off the list of main advantages of mobile phones! Instead, the inclusion of (amongst others) Internet, large screens, long life batteries, massive internal memory, and a plethora of versatile applications have secured market domination by quenching a thirst for the ultimate all in one mobile device.

Advantages of Mobile Phones

Whether you are an iPhone loyalist or an avid Android user, there is no doubt that modern mobile phones greatly improve business productivity and efficiency. Below, we take a look at just some of the main advantages of mobile phones and the business apps that exploit the increasing functionality of these modern devices.

Mobile Phone Advantages

The Internet – Everywhere!

While mobile telecommunication usage in the traditional sense has subsided, mobile Internet usage has skyrocketed. No longer does being out of the office mean dead time. Today’s mobile capabilities for accessing the Internet via data or WIFI and the capacity to run apps, means you are always able to be online, boosting your overall productivity.

Email Access and Document Management

Tackling correspondence no longer requires you to sit down with a cup of tea while you wait for your computer to load – communicating with others from across the globe can now be dealt with in mere seconds thanks to modern mobile phones. Conference calling from remote locations, tackling emails, reviewing and editing documents, and sending urgent updates direct to the office are now an everyday use for business mobiles.

Being able to instantly see an email come in means you don’t need to be at your desk to receive important updates. You can send and receive from wherever you are and if you are really making the most of it, you can quickly type up some notes while they are still fresh in your mind and send them on to relevant team members to action.


In the modern working environment where mobile and flexible working is becoming more and more commonplace, project management apps such as Asana can make prioritising tasks, checking project status, sharing documents and communicating with colleagues remotely, much more efficient.

Gone are the days when you would be disadvantaged or underproductive on a lengthy business trip. Modern day mobile phones have the functionality to increase productivity and efficiency while working remotely.

Time Management

You can really ramp up your efficiency beyond your phone calendar with the right apps.

Tight on time but got a big meeting in half an hour and really need to make a good impression? Refresh, a digital briefing book that allows professionals to build stronger relationships with people they are meeting, allows you to manage your busy corporate schedule more effectively. It also gives you the competitive advantage of adding a personal touch to your business meetings, resulting in a more memorable experience.

Looking to increase the efficiency of your mobile workforce? App such as TSheets has helped capitalise on the increased GPS functionality of modern smartphones to help efficiently mobilise your workforce. TSheets tracks users’ time spent on work projects, allows the user to assign tasks and use their phone’s built-in GPS to map travel time.  It also allows you to keep track of employee work schedules, with the functionality for employees to clock in and clock out. With the added advantage of one touch functionality, TSheets will automatically record the GPS location.


The old adage rings true: knowledge is power, and having office systems and Internet access at your fingertips is essential in today’s fast moving business environment.  Whether it’s up-to-the minute detail on a project or searching out info for a meeting, an efficient mobile data connection makes sure you stay ahead of the rest.  Apps from email campaign providers like MailChimp are a great example of how businesses can even benefit from on the go analysis.

Businesses can also support teams with online learning. When mobile phones first arrived on the scene, and long after that, the education sector showed concern towards the impact they would have on teaching the next generation. Thankfully, education institutions have begun to harness the advantages of mobile phones and smart devices in general. You can access how to’s, white papers and tutorials from a huge range of sources that will support a CPD approach. Professional training provided by online learning companies such as also makes it easier than ever for your workforce to learn new skills or improve existing ones. Being able to access online videos and tutorials from handsets means it can fit more flexibly into downtime.

Remote Desktop Access

With Office365 and apps like Splashtop, you can get everything you need from your desktop, albeit on a much smaller screen. Access to your desktop via Outlook 365 allows you to easily view your synced diary, to-do list, task list and manage your contacts from your mobile device, resulting in increased productivity throughout the day.

All In One Device

CEO of a company? Marketing Director? Sales Exec? Intern? Everyone needs something to fill their down time with and no matter your age or personal interests, modern day mobile phones can provide your fix. Whether it’s finishing your latest book or favourite TV episode on your morning commute, completing the next level of Candy Crush on your tea break or rocking out to your favourite playlist while you polish off a report, life is a lot less tedious with your favourite form of entertainment to hand.

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