Advantages of Cloud Computing

May 29, 2015

One of the less talked about advantages of cloud computing is the ‘BYOD’ culture within the workplace. Standing for ‘Bring Your Own Device’, this allows employees to use their own laptops and mobile devices to access their company log-in in order to complete work, share information and perform a number of other day-to-day business-related tasks. It’s an immense cost saving for business-owners as the budget used for purchasing, insuring, maintaining and regularly replacing office technology is massively reduced.

Mobile & Flexible Working

Advantages of Cloud Computing

With employees having constant access to databases and company information at any time, employers benefit from a more productive workforce. Rather than the traditional routine of having to get ready and commute to their desk to begin their working day, employees tend to be ‘on’ from the minute they are up, thanks now to cloud computing. Commuters can get more done in their day. Business travel no longer means a lost day in the office. And for organisations keen to ensure they retain the skills of employees who are also parents, they can continue working and fitting in their eight or nine hour work day between their school runs and in the evening. All in, BYOD helps to promote a healthy work/life balance and a happier, more effective workforce.

The Cost and Service Advantage of a Cloud Server

Although you don’t need to have your server on Cloud to embrace many of its advantages, more and more companies are choosing to move their servers to Cloud for cost savings. Moving your servers into the cloud reduces the need for expensive bulky servers and computer rooms to keep all of a company’s information stored securely. While big corporations used to dedicate large suites of rooms – or even entire floors – to their computer servers and data storage areas, these can all be done away with, with the cloud. The renting of virtual storage and using digital storage solutions are much cheaper than trying to keep everything in-house. Companies that offer cloud storage can also devote much more of their resources to protecting their client’s data than each of those clients could possibly hope to do on their own. Information in the cloud is kept securely (as long as recommended security procedures are adhered to!) and with digital vaults becoming ever more popular, they are kept fully up to date with the latest security features, anti-virus programs and firewalls.

By using the cloud for company records and information, you are less at risk of losing your data. In a traditional office block, the computers, along with all the current information is kept on one floor, or all in one area. Back-ups are generally stored in safes or in filing rooms in the same building. In the event of a natural disaster or exceptional weather, the office building could be catastrophically damaged, even destroyed…along with all that information. Keeping data in the cloud ensures that once new premises have been found, the company can swing back into action immediately.

Cloud Advantages for Small Businesses

Many small businesses, most of them sole traders or freelance workers, operate efficiently due to the cloud. They are able to keep their costs down, respond to customer queries from anywhere, at any time and keep their online presence fresh and active. Many large companies have also very successfully moved to the cloud. One example is Netflix, the television streaming company. Accounting for up to one third of all the internet traffic of North America on average weeknights, Netflix keeps up with user demand only thanks to the flexibility and scope of the cloud, and is now seen to be one of the most important cloud computing companies. Apple is another example. Their smart and savvy personal assistant Siri can access huge amounts of information, processing questions and responding quickly thanks to the shift into the cloud. Without it Siri would be slower, less responsive and unable to give the tailored responses that make her seem almost human.

There are many other advantages of cloud computing we haven’t even mentioned here. With the ability to dramatically transform the way a workplace works, almost every business model can benefit.



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